WiKID Strong Authentication System v3.3.10 available

The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a public-key based
two-factor authentication solution. Software tokens are available for
Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Blackberry and iPhone. Support is provided for Radius, LDAP, TACACS+ and a simple API, wAuth for PHP,Java, C#, Ruby and Python applications.

The Community version is completely open-source. The Enterprise version
features support, Radius and wireless clients.

Features :

  • Easy to use Web Interface
  • Automated initial validation of users
  • Fault tolerance via replication
  • Highly scalable - each transaction is 300 bits +/-
  • Simple user disablement
  • Support for a number of network protocols
  • No need for time synchronization - Request-response architecture
  • Each client can support multiple relationships across multiple servers
  • Extensible across enterprises

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