Sub7 (SubSeven) is back with a new release 2.3

Sub7, or SubSeven or Sub7Server, is the name of a popular backdoor program. It is mainly used for causing mischief, such as hiding the computer cursor, changing system settings or loading up pornographic websites. However, it can also be used for more serious criminal applications, such as stealing passwords and credit card details. Its name was derived by spelling NetBus backwards ("suBteN") and swapping "ten" with "seven".

Among Sub7’s capabilities are complete file system access and real-time keystroke logging. The latter capability makes it possible for Sub7 to be used to steal passwords and credit card information. It also installs itself into the WIN.INI file and the "run" key of the Windows Registry, in addition to adding a "runner" to the Windows Shell. Computer security expert Steve Gibson once said that with these features, Sub7 allows a hacker to take "virtually complete control" over a computer. Sub7 is so invasive, he said, that anyone with it on their computer "might as well have the hacker standing right next to them" while using their computer.

Features and changelog for the existing release 2.1.5

  • New Feature: under "Local Options - Advanced" section of the client theres a button "Test on Local Machine" which runs the server with special restrictions (accepts localhost connections only)
  • Connection:
  • IP Scanner - Scans for IPs with an open port you specify
  • Get PC Info - All PC info, including Disk Size, Space, User etc
  • Get Home Info - Gets all Home Info the vic specifies for theirWindows Registration ( not always availible)
  • Server Options - Options pertaining to removing, changing port, updating server, etc.
  • IP Notify - Adds a new notify method or changes the current method on the current server
  • Keys/Messages:
  • Keyboard - Open Keylogger, get offline keys, disable keyb. etc
  • Chat - Chat with the Victim
  • Matrix - Chat with the vic matrix style (black & green design)
  • Message Manager - Sends a popup message to the vic
  • Spy - ICQ, AIM, MSN, YAHOO Instant Messenger Spies
  • ICQ Takeover - displays all installed UINs on the pc, and u can take each one over at the click of a button
  • Advanced:
  • FTP/HTTP - turns the vic into an FTP server, ready for files to be downloaded via ur FTP client or browser
  • Find Files - searches for a specified file type or file in the vics pc
  • Passwords - retrieves Cached, Recorded, RAS, and ICQ/AIM Passes
  • RegEdit - Opens the vics Registry so u can f@# with it >:)
  • App Redirect - Lets you run a DOS command on the vic and shows you the output
  • Port Redirect - adds an open port to the vic so you can "bounce" from it using the vics host as your own, E.G.: proxy type of contraption via IRC
  • Miscellaneous:
  • File Manager - Upload, Download, Run, and do alotta other cool shit via this client
  • Windows Manager - Displays open windows which you can close, disable, etc.
  • Process Manager - Shows all processes you can kill, disable, prioritize etc.
  • Text-2-Speech - Messes with the Text2Speech engine on the vics pc, you type, it talks
  • Clipboard Manager - View, change, empty the vics clipboard
  • IRC Bot - Connects an IRC bot from the vic to an IRC server of choice
  • Fun Manager:
  • Desktop/Webcam - Views Webcam continuous capture, a desktop continuous preview and full screen capture
  • Flip Screen - Flips victims screen upside down, and sideways
  • Print - Prints on victims screen
  • Browser - Opens victims browser with the webpage you specify
  • Resolution - Changes victims pc resolution
  • Win Colors - Changes the victims computer colors
  • Extra Fun:
  • Screen Saver - Changes the Vics Screensaver
  • Restart Win - Shuts down, reboots, or logs off the victim
  • Mouse - Set Mouse trails, reverse buttons, hide curson etc
  • Sound - Record from vics mic, change volume settings
  • Time/Date - Changes system time
  • Extra - A whole buncha extra shit like hide desktop, hide start button, hide taskbar, open cd-rom etc.
  • Local Options:
  • Quality - Adjusts the quality of the Webcam/Desktop
  • Local Folder - Changes the Sub7 Local Folder
  • Skins - Skin manager for Sub7
  • Misc Options - Misc shit like toggling animation of windows etc
  • Advanced - Messes with ports used for some Sub7 Functions Dont bother messing around
  • Run EditServer - Hmm..i wonder what this does..

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