Monitoring Features

Would you like to know how it work? Know how many Products? Versions? Alerts we have? Take a look on all features!

Choose a Plan Free Business Enterprise
All version of a Product 1 5 10
A specific version of a Product 1 10 100
Monthly Fee 0 € 99 € 999 €
Monitor scheduling Daily Hourly Hourly
Manage Environmental vector per product included included included
Alert History Partial included included
Access to our Alerts API included included included
Access to our Monitoring API not included not included included
Support included included included
Start for Free Start for Free Start for Free

Custom Plan

Would you like to monitor more Products? Versions? Want a dedicated Support? Let us create a custom plan just for you!

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Product vs Version

Product will inform you when an alert impact any version of the selected product. For example : Product Microsoft Windows 7 will inform you when an alert affects Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 7 SP2 and upcoming version. It can be very useful with Product like Google Chrome that update almost every day and has actually 2000+ versions.


Version will inform you when an alert impacts this particular version. For example : Product Version : Mozilla Firefox 3.6.26 will inform you when an alert impacts this particular version. and not if an alert impacts only Mozilla Firefox 3.6.25 and lower or Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Only.

Free Subscription

All subscription plans include a Free lifetime account. Once you register for one of our plans, you will have access automatically to our "Free" Plan. Why? We want you to try before thinking of buying. And if you like our service and want more, feel free to Upgrade to a more robust subscription plan.

Need More Information?

Just take a look at the vDNA detail listing. Your can reach all avaliable informations here

Online Payment Methods

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover or American Express. You can also subscribe by using your Paypal account.

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Other Payment Methods

Besides automatic payments such as credit cards and paypal, we also support standard wire transfer. All wire transfers are subjects to annual subscriptions. Please contact us to get more information.