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Working on Common Vulnerability Scoring System v3 integration

While working on Common Vulnerability Scoring System v3 implementation, we have to make choices.

Some of them are easy, other tricky. As we already say, CVSSv3 and CVSSv2 can be affected to the same alert, and we must keep CVSSv2 for SCAP needs, and simply because some alerts does not have CVSSv3 (old alerts).

We must propagate the right score (and only one per alert). We cannot deal with 2 scores like the NVD, our alerts are linked (see crosslinks demo)

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CPE Deprecated Dictionary integration

This update is one of our biggest ’technical’ updates. We will now fully handle the CPE Deprecated Dictionary made by NVD. Thousand lines of codes, tests, checks, re checks and more. Again, our data quality, but also our alerts, will be greater.

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And Prev? What does that mean?

Some of our data providers use these small typo to explain that a vulnerability affects multiple products and specially “previous version” of a product.

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CVSS v3 and Updates

It’s been a year without posting, but not without work. Attentive user has found that we have put into production some changes, like CVSSv3, CPE search, and add some API. We also have added the possibility to change your monitoring email (Business and enterprise). And yes, we also have corrected some bugs ;) Let’s now talk about them.

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Code improvement and security, from good to great!

After the last big update, we have decided to go into maintenance mode and made some code cleanup and rework. Minor change for you, but big update for us.

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Customize your monitored Products by adding an Environmental CVSS vector

Yes, it’s done! Now, you an customize your monitored products and add, for each one, a CVSS Environmental Vector! But, wait! What is an Environmental Vector and what it can do for you? Simple, lower or higher the score of an Alert, based on YOUR Environment!

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58.000+ Nessus files integration and vDNA API update

Our Team have integrated 61.240 NASL files, 58.288 Nessus exploits (without marked deprecated or empty) with 190.370+ cpes and 149.850+ "Security-database" References into our database. Integration is done automatically each day, without human interaction like usual. And off course, we have added them to each alert, alert History, CPE, Dashboard, API...

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vDNA update and Snort Rules integration

Happy new year 2014! Our Team have integrated 30.000+ Snort Rules into our database and have improved our vDNA API. Integration is done automatically each day, without human interaction like usual Of course, we have added them to each alert, alert History, CPE, Dashboard, API...

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vDNA Crosslinks as Christmas gift

vDNA Crosslinks allows you to gather +80.000 Security Alerts data from Security-Database and export it as JSON format. Exports provide related Alert information. By that we mean, all alerts linked to the first one at specified depth.

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CVE syntax is changing

CVE syntax is changing on January 1, 2014. Be prepared, modify and test your code. This modification is not a big deal, the last 4 fixed digits became arbitrary digits with a minimum of 4 and without a maximum.

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Updates and IAVM Integration

We are continuously working to improve our database quality. For that, we have updated, again, our internal engine, corrected the OpenVAS integration, enhanced our CPE detection, updated the Microsoft and Cert hourly update, enhanced the user dashboard with some graph and more... But we also have integrated IAVM (DISA) into our database and improved our vDNA API.

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