vDNA Crosslinks as Christmas gift

vDNA Crosslinks allows you to gather +80.000 Security Alerts data from Security-Database and export it as JSON format. Exports provide related Alert information. By that we mean, all alerts linked to the first one at specified depth.

We are proud to bring you our latest creation, vDNA Crosslinks. What alerts are linked to each other ? What is the vulnerability scoring propagation? We offer this information as JSON format and have built a demo website to play with, and perhaps, give you some ideas ;)

On this ’simple’ exemple, we use D3.js library to manipulate and represent links and severity propagation between alerts. You can click on each nodes to jump from an alert to another. Hope you’ll like it ;)

For each node, we provides the alert name, severity, vendor, published date, and the number of incoming links (target) and out-coming links (source).

Of course, Security-Database provides this information for free to anybody who want to play with, make graphs, stats, publish or anything else. Hope you’ll enjoy playing with it and perhaps, let you have some idea ;)

The endpoint is hosted by Security-Database. Datas are generated daily, queries and results cached for a maximum performance.

You can reach the dedicated website here :

At the same time, the Security-database Website is now using this graph on each alert summary. An exemple could be MS13-086

With this new toy, you can navigate easily through alerts by clicking on each nodes and better understand links between alerts.

Hope you’ll enjoy ;) and Merry Christmas 2013
The Security-Database team