(update) Foca v2.0.1: in the wild

FOCA 2 has a new algorithm which tries to discover as much info related to network infrastructure as possible. In this alpha version FOCA will add to the figured out network-map, all servers than can be found using a recursive algorithm searching in Google, BING, Reverse IP in BING, Well-known servers and DNS records, using an internal PTR-Scaning, et

To configure this algorithm you can use the new DNS Search panel and the info extracted will be showed up in three panels:

  • Domains
  • IP addresses
  • Pc/Servers

Then, you can use SHODAN [thanks to John!] to discover new servers and software related to special IP address.

We want to improve the capabilities of FOCA in software recognition. In the near future we’ll try to surprise you with new features in this matter….

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ChangeLog 2.0.1:

  • Fix error searching EXIF information
  • Fix error in DNS Transfer Zone requests

ChangeLog 2.0:

  • DNS enumeration added using subdomains Web Search, zone transfer, diccionary and bing IP search.
  • Added panels Domains & IP
  • Documents grouped by document type
  • Used ListView groups
  • Better Network Map representation
  • Bing only search supported filetype documents http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd250876.aspx
  • Fix error analysing metadata