FireCAT (Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTensions) version 1.2 released

FireCAT is a Firefox Framework Map collection of the most useful security oriented extensions.

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Changes for FireCAT 1.2

  • Renamed subcategory "Social Engineering" to "Data mining"
  • Bibirmer updated location (thanks to Zagrodzki Krzysztof from Telekomunikacja Polska)
  • Kev Orrey added 4 extensions (Thanks Kev)
  • Added Oracle OraDB Error Code Look-up (to subcategory Database)
  • SQL connection (to subcategory Database)
  • MySqlSidu - MySQL client (to subcategory Database)
  • iMacros (to new subcategory Misc -> Automation)
  • Claus Valca added 2 extensions (Thanks Claus)
  • Enhanced History Manager (to new subcategory Misc -> Logs / History)
  • Slogger (to new subcategory Misc -> Logs / History)
  • Added Gnosis (to subcategory Data mining)
  • Fixed FireGPG extension name

FireCAT 1.2 reaches 60 extensions. Thanks to all fellas who give us a helping hand to collect and maintain this framework. We are also happy to announce that FireCAT exceeded 40 000 download.

So keep FireCATing your FireFox !!