58.000+ Nessus files integration and vDNA API update

Our Team have integrated 61.240 NASL files, 58.288 Nessus exploits (without marked deprecated or empty) with 190.370+ cpes and 149.850+ "Security-database" References into our database. Integration is done automatically each day, without human interaction like usual. And off course, we have added them to each alert, alert History, CPE, Dashboard, API...

Like the last update, we have integrated Nessus Exploits into our database. Of course, we now display exploits information in each alerts and each CPE (Product or Version). At this time, 58.288 Nessus exploits.

For information, we do not provide raw Nessus "exploits", but only, id, description, categoty, and a link to nessus website to register and download them.

Of course, with Nessus exploits, our vDNA API have been updated and you could now retrieve Nessus exploits information (id, description...) for each Alert, like Metasploit, ExploitDB...

And of course, do not forget our Free Crosslinks Engine initiative. Of course, Security-Database provides this information for free to anybody. Hope you’ll enjoy playing with it and perhaps, share ;)

You can reach the dedicated website here :

Hope you’ll like our work.
Next step will be .... ahhh next step ;)


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