vDNA update and OpenVAS integration

Yes, we are continuously working to improve our database quality. For that, we have updated our internal engine, rewrite our SaintExploit and Metasploit integration to be able to store what Exploit(s) have been added to, or removed from an Alert. But we also have integrated OpenVAS into our database and improved our vDNA API.

Like ExploitDB on the last update, and as we promise, we have updated our Metasploit and SaintExploit integration and history. It has taken some time to change our engine and not to simply patch it. Future integration will be quicker.

We also have integrated OpenVAS into our database.

Of course, with OpenVAS, our vDNA API have been updated and you could now retreive OpenVAS informations for each Alert, like Metasploit, ExploitDB...

At least but not last, we have made some improvement on our vDNA monitoring system. Quality, code, documentation and now, when you browse a product or a version of a product, you could directly add it to your monitoring pool.

And at last, we have updated some VMWare description, corrected vDNA Mail, worked on Oval...

Hope you’ll enjoy those little changes.
Next Step, more integration (iAVM perhaps...), and better user vDNA interface !

The Security-Database Team