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Lansweeper v4.0 released

Lansweeper is an automated network discovery and asset management tool which scans all your computers and devices and displays them in an easy accessible web interface.
There is no need to install any agents on the computers, all scanning is done by standard build-in functionality.

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SAMHAIN v2.7.0 released

The samhain open source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) provides file integrity checking and logfile monitoring/analysis, as well as rootkit detection, port monitoring, detection of rogue SUID executables, and hidden processes.

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DAVTest v1.0 - WebDAV Application

DAVTest tests WebDAV enabled servers by uploading test executable files, and then (optionally) uploading files which allow for command execution or other actions directly on the target. It is meant for penetration testers to quickly and easily determine if enabled DAV services are exploitable.

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[PDF] Penetration: from Application down to OS.

Getting OS Access Using Lotus Domino Application Server Vulnerabilities.

This whitepaper continues a series of publications made by DSecRG
researchers describing various ways of obtaining access to the server operating system, using vulnerabilities in popular business applications which meet in the corporate environment.

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Suricata v0.8.2 released

The Suricata Engine is an Open Source Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Engine. This engine is not intended to just replace or emulate the existing tools in the industry, but will bring new ideas and technologies to the field.

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WhatWeb just updated to v0.4.2

WhatWeb is a next generation web scanner that identifies what websites are running. Flexible plugin architecture with over 80 plugins so far. Passive plugins use information in the headers, cookies, HTML body and URL. Aggressive plugins can identify versions of Joomla, phpBB, etc by making extra requests to the webserver

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Sysinternal AccessChk v5.0 released

AccessChk, a command-line tool for viewing the effective permissions on files, registry keys, services, processes, kernel objects, and more.

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Spiceworks v4.7 build 50667 released

Spiceworks is the complete network management & monitoring, helpdesk, PC inventory & software reporting solution to manage Everything IT in small and medium businesses.

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OpenDLP v0.1 released

OpenDLP is a free and open source, agent-based, centrally-managed, massively distributable data loss prevention tool released under the GPL. Given appropriate Windows domain credentials, OpenDLP can simultaneously identify sensitive data at rest on hundreds or thousands of Microsoft Windows systems from a centralized web application.
OpenDLP has two components: a web application and an agent.

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[PDF] Hackin9 - May 2010 Released! (NOW FREE!)

Hakin9 magazine is now a FREE, ONLINE, MONTHLY magazine!
All you need to do to get a new issue each month is subscribe to the newsletter.

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Fuzzdb v1.07 released

A comprehensive set of fuzzing patterns for discovery and attack during highly targeted brute force testing of web applications.

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