GreenSQL-FW v1.2.0 released

GreenSQL is an Open Source database firewall used to protect databases from SQL injection attacks. GreenSQL works as a proxy for SQL commands and has built in support for MySQL.

GreenSQL 1.2 includes many new features and enhancements.
In this version, GreenSQL provides native support for PostgreSQL databases for the very first time. In fact, GreenSQL is the only database firewall (Open or Closed Source) available for the protection of the many PostgreSQL databases currently in use.

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GreenSQL 1.2 merges the GreenSQL-Console package into the GreenSQL-FW. The GreenSQL-Console will no longer be released as a separated package. During the installation process, you will be able to choose whether or not to install the console.

GreenSQL 1.2 includes a new management GUI (console), The new GUI includes:

  • A configuration and security supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Easy-to-use Database and Database Proxy creation and modification
  • Centralized alerts while working with multiple databases
  • Configuration backup and restore
  • A new design

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Note: The team of GreenSQL will announce a new support service, they provide email support and security system consulting for an annual fee.

Read more about this release here and the How To