iWep Pro Auditor wifi security v1.1.3 on the wild

iWep PRO is an application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allow users check if their routers are exposed to some vulnerabilities.

Main vulnerability is WEP/WPA key calculation. There are some routers that can be easily hacked just in few minutes. This happens ONLY when router´s factoy settings were not changed. If factory settings were changed, iWep PRO is useless with your router.

iWep PRO is based in WEP/WPA calcualtion methods found in internet. You can find them on your own, and check them yourself.

This application is suposed to be used with your own routers. Application Developers did not support any other use for the application. You will need to be agree before use iWep PRO.

iWep PRO provides tools to check if your router is exposed to key calculation. Compatible routers are detected automatically. Then, just select one key search method and wait untill iWep PRO finds or not your WEP/WPA key.

After a time unable to make progress with the application, today I’m releasing a new version of iWep PRO 1.1.3


  • Added search engine on DLINK networks. It’s in experimental stage and is not sure 100% functioning. I need feedback on these routers.
  • Fixed a bug with the search engine WLAN_XX networks.
  • It has been put back into lowercase the password Eircom network.


  • Search WEP/WPA key for compatible routers and networks. See compatible routers and networks below.
  • Scan for networks arround you.
  • Connect to network when a key is found and connect to open routers.
  • WarDriving Beta software implemented (Doesn´t make to much, it is just a concept app.)
  • Country support email. You can send information to developer to make your country networks compatible with the application. Read more below.

Compatible Networks

  • WLAN_XX (Only for Spain)
  • SpeedTouchXXXXXX. Thomson router. Found in several countries.
  • ThomsonXXXXXX. Thomson router. Found in several countries.
  • BTHomeHub-XXXX. Thomson router. Found in UK.
  • INFINITUMXXXXXX. 6 digits. Thomson router. Found in Mexico.
  • EircomXXXX XXXX. Found in Ireland.
  • Discus—XXXXXX. Pirelli Discus router.
  • Bbox-XXXXXX. Thomson router. Found in France.
  • DMAXYYYYYY. Y = digit. Thomson router.
  • Orange-XXXXXX. Thomson router. Several countries.