SIP Inspector v1.10 released

SIP Inspector is a tool written in JAVA to simulate different SIP messages and scenarios. You can create your own SIP signaling scenarios, customize SIP messages and monitor incoming and outgoing messages. The tool can play RTP streams from a pcap file.

Release notes 1.1

Bug fixes:

  • Call specific variables are lost if multiple concurrent calls created
  • If Total Calls field set to 0, does not allow infinite number of calls
  • Outgoing calls with custom value and not generic [call_number] for Call-ID
    do not recognize responses
  • Problem in RTP thread - maximum number of descriptors reached


  • Multiple simultaneous calls fully implemented
  • Call generation can be set with respect to calls/second, maximum concurrent calls and total allowed calls
  • If ran as a call generator, upon completion the tool provides a real value with respect to calls/second
  • Last session settings saved
  • Improved RTP handling. Not required to receive an RTP packet first in order to start playing an RTP stream.
  • The tool can support multiple RTP streams at the same time.
  • Can constantly play RTP (keeps recycling RTP packets found in an .cap file)
  • Scenarios can contain [fieldN] keywords, where N is any integer value. These keywords are read from assigned values file. Values file are lines where values are separated with semicolons.
  • Scenario files do not have to be loaded on the first screen only.
  • Values extracted from the incoming messages are per call basis rather than being global.
  • Unexpected, out of dialog messages (like OPTIONS or NOTIFY) can be handled by marking them as optional and placing them at the beginning of a scenario. It is recommended to respond with an optional response.
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