MAPDAV v1.0p5 - proving passwords combinations

MAPDAV (More Accurate Password Dictionary Attack Vector) is designed to use what is known about a user or users (ex, username, first name, middle name, last name, etc) on a unix/linux system from a /etc/passwd file and tries to come up with probable combinations that could be the user’s password.

An administrator could run the output through a cracker and see if their user’s passwords are anything easy to guess.

Version 1.0p5

  • Added the THC-Hydra colon separated file support.

Using mapdav:
 ./mapdav [options] {combinations}


--passwdfile <file>: Password file you want to use, default is passwd
--csv <file>: Output to csv file format
--directory <dir>: Output to a directory with username lists in it
--append-post xyz: Append string to the end of each combination
--append-mid xyz: Append string inbetween names of each combination
--append-pre xyz: Append string to the beginning of each combination
--verbose: Make output verbose
--version: Print the version

For more information, view the official site.

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