Bruter v1.0 - parallel network login brute-forcer

Bruter is a parallel network login brute-forcer on Win32. This tool is intended to demonstrate the importance of choosing strong passwords. The goal of Bruter is to support a variety of services that allow remote authentication.

Version 1.0

  • Re-licensed to new-BSD license
  • Added proxy support (CONNECT, SOCKS4, SOCKS5)
  • Allowed more delimiter in combo file
  • Added password length filtered in combo and dictionary mode
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs
  • Updated openssl library to 0.9.8n


  • Implemented authentication instead of using Windows API (faster and more options)
  • Support LM, NTLM, LMv2, NTLMv2 authentication

HTTP (Basic):

  • Used http keep-alive
  • Accepted URL in option dialog

HTTP (Form):

  • Used http keep-alive
  • Fixed cookie detection in option dialog
  • Used different cookie for each thread (also automatically update cookie while testing)

More information: here