PenTBox v1.3.2 FINAL released

PenTBox is a Security Suite with programs like Password Crackers, Denial of Service testing tools (DoS and DDoS), Secure Password Generators, Honeypots and much more. Destined to test security/stability of networks and more.
Programmed in Ruby, and oriented to GNU/Linux systems (but compatible with Windows, MacOS and more).

Version 1.3.2

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-* FTP fuzzing improved and finished.

  • Improved CLI.
  • Improved files working.
  • Now the Honeypot log have a file by default.
  • Added a hping3-based mode to work in syn_dos.rb
  • Added Dictionary attack and Dictionary-bruteforce
    hybrid attack in hash_cracker.rb
  • Added SHA384 in digest.rb and hash_cracker.rb
  • Now modules integration is with modules and classes,
    this improve the portability and the performance but
    the modules can’t be executed independently.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • Minor improvements.
PenTBox v1.3.2 FINAL (Windows)
MD5: 2752b8e1eba7895df1dea8a9bdb5a719

PenTBox v1.3.2 FINAL (GNU/Linux/MacOS)
MD5: b303a2e0525fef57617b7a98c5ef51b9

List of Tools: here

More information: here