HoneyPoint Personal Edition 2.00 released

HPPE intercepts attacker activity in the targeting stage and gives Admins the capability to quickly shut them down before they can do serious damage. HPPE simply turns attacker targets into security sensors!


  • Easy To Use:
  • Windows Interface Includes Status Indicators and Complete Logging Capability
  • Runs in the Task Tray and Features Very Low Footprint
  • Ultra-Configurable:
  • Emulates Thousands of System Services
  • Both TCP and UDP HoneyPoints
  • Captures Attackers as They Target Systems and Services
  • Allows Admins to Track, Analyze and Mitigate Attacker Probes, Worms and Scans
  • Real-time, Real-world Threat Modeling

Tool submitted by Brent Huston the software’s author.

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