Buck Security - Checks for Debian Linux - v0.5 released

Buck Security is a collection of security checks for Linux. It was designed for Debian and Ubuntu servers, but can be useful for any Linux system. The aim of Buck Security is, to allow you to get a quick overview of the security status of your system. As a linux system administrator - but also as a normal linux user - you often wonder if your system is secure


  • Searching for worldwriteable files
  • Searching for worldwriteable directories
  • Searching for programs where the setuid is set
  • Searching for programs where the setgid is set
  • Checking your umask
  • Checking if the sticky-bit is set for /tmp
  • Searching for superusers
  • Checking firewall policies
  • Checking if sshd is secured
  • Creating and checking checksums of system programs
  • Searching for installed attack tools packages