[Updated] Maltego new transforms released

Maltego can be used for the information gathering phase of penetration testing making it possible for less experienced testers to work faster and more accurately. Maltego has fantastic applications in forensic investigations, law enforcement, intelligence operations, identity fraud investigation and identity verification processes

UK1 and US1 public TAS-es has been updated with 2 new transforms:

  • WebsiteToWebsite_Mirror: The transform will mirror the input site and
    show links to other websites
  • WebsiteToEmailAddress_Mirror: The transform will mirror the input site
    and extract email addresses on the website

Both transforms take one parameter - the amount of time in seconds to
mirror. If set to 0 (default) it will dynamically adjust the mirror
time to match the slider (amount of results) - up to a maximum mirror
time of 2 minutes. Mirroring is done via Gary O’learly-Steele’s Ruby
website mirroring script that is running as a web service on
maltego4.paterva.com (which is also US1).

To enable the Maltego client to use these new transforms simply run
the discovery wizard again.

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