Focus on Maltego Version 2.0 : The Datamining framework

Maltego is a program that can be used to determine the relationships and real world links between: People, Groups of people (social networks), Companies, Organizations, Web sites, Internet infrastructure such as:

  • Domains
  • DNS names
  • Netblocks
  • and much more

This new release of Maltego comes with a bunch of new features. The core engine has been completely rewritten, the search options and transforms has been enhanced. With Maltego, we can say that we deal with the best Intelligency Software ever. It can be used by various profil of people : security auditors, police investigation, web watching, name tracking and more.

New features and major changes for Maltego 2.0

  • Load/Save of entire graphs means you can always go back to your investigation.
  • Printing of graphs (over multiple pages) for discussions.
  • Export of entities (CSV format) makes it easy to import Maltego data into other databases.
  • Commercial grade layout library:
  • The layout and navigation have been optimized for speed and usability.
  • Four layout types to rearrange data the way YOU want it.
  • Two view types for finding relevant info on large graphs.
  • More entities and 20 brand new transforms for even deeper searches and more information.
  • Search/Find (on entity value, detailed info and additional fields) helps you to get to key nodes quicker.
  • Multiple open graphs on different tabs for easy switching between graphs.
  • Dedicated clear-all, zoom buttons for notebook users.
  • Hollywood quality look & feel will impress your friends and your boss.
  • Integrated help on transforms and entities to increase your learning curve.
  • Complete user guide ensures you are never lost.
  • Prepopulated and preconfigured transforms and transform sets saves you time.
  • Population of API key integrated with license key so it’s never lost.
  • Platform independent installer means you can install it anywhere.

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