SpiceWorks 4.0 Alpha Build is now available (4.0.33731)

Designed, tested and used by 500,000 IT pros in 185 countries. Spiceworks has the everyday IT features:

  • Inventory and report on your company’s hardware and software assets automatically.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot the hardware and software on your network.
  • Run an IT Help Desk for your company that’s easy to use.

Features of SpiceWorks

  • Discover the Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs and servers, routers, printers and any other IP-based devices on your network.
  • Gather all of their relevant technical data plus the software, patches and services on each machine.
  • Add important data such as the number of licenses you have, the purchase price and physical location.
  • Keep track of other assets such as mobile phones and even office furniture. All without agents.
  • Store all inventory information locally and securely on your network - so there’s no concern about sensitive data flying across the Internet.
  • Automatically identify PCs and servers with low disk space, the presence of unwanted software on your network, the status of your anti-virus updates, printers with low toner and ink levels, and offline servers.
  • Create monitors for anything else you want to be warned about such as license violations or un-patched machines.
  • Receive email alerts about potential issues.
  • View all the monitors you care most about in one centralized spot.