Maltego GUI V1.1 released

Maltego can be used for the information gathering phase of penetration testing making it possible for less experienced testers to work faster and more accurately.
Maltego has fantastic applications in forensic investigations, law enforcement, intelligence operations, identity fraud investigation and identity verification processes

This will most likely be the last version that uses the current graph
library. The updated version has much better transform manager
functions like sorting by column, transform renaming, set management
etc. The layout and additional functions for analysis will only be in
the next (major) release. So, if you are actually quite happy with the
current transform manager - don’t bother to update.

This release comes pre-configure with 3 SQL transforms that speaks to
Thomas Springer’s serversniff database. It also has the UK1 and US1
TASes already discovered. You still need to insert your API key into
all three these TASes.

Source : Paterva Announcements

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