Focus on Airoscript NG version 1.0

Airoscript is a text-user-interface (TUI) for aircrack-ng. A great companion to make your life easier on wifi pentesting. Various attacks are available, such as chopchop, fragmentation attack, fakeauth, deauth, dictionary attacks and WPA cracking.

  • Fixed client selection menu
  • External functions now works
  • Fixed regex that breaked iw2200
  • F@@@ dos line endings in makefiles.
  • Lots of minor changes
  • Cosmetics on non-existant unstable functions
  • Splitted some functions from menu here
  • Code cosmetics on screen functions
  • Cleaner menu code
  • Refactoring on mac changer and cosmetics
  • Even more cosmetics, converted all menus to new styles
  • Little bugfix on menu
  • More cosmetics, some debug bugfixes
  • Little cosmetic on order of airoscript warn
  • Little themes fix on conffile
  • Cosmetics
  • Added initial usage warning
  • Minor fixes on config and screen functions
  • Changed to airoscript-ng
  • Splitted functions_internal from main functions file
  • Some aspect changes
  • Functions cleanup
  • improved airopdate
  • Refactorized external functions. Still untested.
  • Makefile minor fixes. Prev was conf fix
  • Some makefile minor fixes
  • Converting to airoscript-ng and cleaning @@@
  • Some minor doc fixes
  • Now it won’t only check if wifi is empty, also if wifi is in form fooo0. - Identified bug with iwl interfaces, waiting for feedback from reporter
JPEG - 2.9 kb


  • GNU gettext (Debian/Ubuntu: gettext package)
  • ip (Debian/Ubuntu: iproute package)
  • aircrack-ng 1.0 rc2
  • WORKING injection capable driver for the interface you want to use
  • FIXME: update airosperl requirement

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