WeaknetLabs announced WeakNet Linux IV

WeakNet Linux is small enough to fit onto a CD current build 600MB and runs servers directly from the CD including Web / PHP, FTP, SSH, and more.

Source WeaknetLabs

Development has started! Our new Linux will feature more options and more hacking tools than the last and look 10 times better! So far the details I can give are: FluxBox is still the default WM, boot time is around 15 seconds on an 800MHz AMD laptop. Broadcom drivers’ inject at high rates. Ath9k injects, Ath5k injects, and RT73 is gone. RT73usb injects perfectly fine. Intel wireless drivers are still being tested.

PNG - 212.5 kb

The theme is now blue and not green. WNLA4 still fits on a normal CD ROM, and all of our new tools will be featured in software like “Web Hacking Portal Version 5″, and “1337tool version 5.†WardriveSQL will be accessible right from a web browser, with automatic setup!


Our new kernel, built with support for packet injection, faster boot time, and much, much more.

WeakNet Linux IV

Lighter, Faster, Stronger, Sexier, and Better.

We’ll keep you informed as soon as a version is available.
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