SSHatter v1.0 - Password brute forcer for SSH

Password brute forcer for SSH.

Version 1.0

  • Fixed minor bug where command succeeds but there is no output
  • Added dumb mode (-d), where SSHatter will check password equals password, username and blank. Cheers Mylestro
  • Added sudo mode (-0), where SSHatter will echo the password to STDIN
  • Added rudimentry file transfer modes (-P/-G), these also work interactively via "put" and "get"
  • Improved usage message

SSHatter makes use of a number of standard Perl libraries:

  • Parallel::ForkManager (libparallel-forkmanager-perl on GNU/Debian)
  • Net::SSH::Perl (available from CPAN)
  • Getopt::Std (part of the standard Perl distribution)
  • File::Basename (part of the standard Perl distribution)

If you want, you can red this Paper:

Defending against brute force ssh attacks

Post scriptum


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