SEAT (Search Engine Assessment Tool) updated to version v.0.2

SEAT (Search Engine Assessment Tool) is the next generation information digging application geared toward the needs of security professionals. SEAT uses information stored in search engine databases, cache repositories, and other public resources to scan a site for potential vulnerabilities

It’s multi-threaded, multi-database, and multi-search-engine capabilities permit easy navigation through vast amounts of information with a goal of system security assessment.

Furthermore, SEAT’s ability to easily process additional search engine signatures as well as custom made vulnerability databases allows security professionals to adapt SEAT to their specific needs.


Supported Search Engines:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • A9
  • AltaVista
  • AllTheWeb
  • AOL
  • DMOZ

Vulnerability Databases:

  • GHDB
  • GSDB
  • WMAP

Advanced Features:

  • Mine domain names belonging to a target site
  • Indirectly scan a range of IP addresses
  • Quickly create new custom Search Engine signatures and Vulnerability Databases.

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