Core Impact 7.5 announced

CORE IMPACT is the first automated, comprehensive penetration testing product for assessing specific information security threats to an organization. By safely exploiting vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, the product identifies real, tangible risks to information assets while testing the effectiveness of your existing security investments

With the addition of web application testing to its comprehensive network and end-user security testing capabilities, CORE IMPACT v7.5 now enables users to safely assess an organization´s security posture against the top three attack methods that jeopardize data today: penetration of network defenses through server vulnerabilities, deception of end users through social engineering attacks, and manipulation of web applications to access backend data.

Full Core Impact 7.5 product updates.

Compliance Mandates

  • Penetration testing & Ethical Hacking :

    PCI DSS 11.3, SOX A13.3, GLBA 16 CFR Part 314.4 (c), HIPAA 164.308(a)(8), FISMA RA-5, SI-2, ISO 27001/27002 12.6, 15.2.2

  • Vulnerability Scanner :

    PCI DSS 11.2, 6.6, SOX A13.3, GLBA 16CFR Part 314.4(c), HIPAA 164.308(a)(8), FISMA RA-5, SI-2, ISO 27001-27002 12.6, 15.2.2


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