Bunkersix v1.0 - personal security control centre

Bunkersix Security Console and Monitoring software provides
personal Security Dashboards and Plugin Security Applications for Desktop
and Mobile.

Security Dashboard Features

  • The Console: The bunkersix web console enables you to monitor your security applications from both your desktop and on the go via your web enabled smart phone.
  • The taskbar application Agent: Security alerts from your servers and workstations are transmitted from the Bunkersix Agent a taskbar application.
  • Add new Applications: Just click the add the applicaition button via the subscriptions screen. Each secuirty application is a plugin and can be added or cancelled from your console screen on demand.
  • Configure and Customise: You can configure the application settings for each application by clicking on the tool icon in the window title bar. Configure your preferences and then click save and you are ready to go.
  • The Mobile Edition: The applications are also available on compact sized mobile edition which can be accessed from any smart phone with internet access and mobile web browser.
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Plugin Security Applications

  • Track Lost Laptops: Capture the IP address of your machine when it comes back online.
    Every hour the IP Address of the computer is monitored and available to view and can be used to identify the computers account holder via their ISP.
  • Security Camera Feed and Motion Detection: Connect to your IP enabled security camera. Motion detection events still images can be streamed securely and stored in an archive on your console.
  • Monitor Your Uptime: Check that your workstation, server or laptop is online.
  • View Satellite Maps: Embed a maps widget in your console from any of the major maps providers such as Google Maps.
  • Remote Desktop: Links to connect to your computers remotely via remote desktop.
  • Alarm Monitoring: Monitor your home or business alarm system. This connects to your alarm providers IP interface and updates the status of your Panel.
  • Torrent Downloads: Monitor how your uTorrent downloads are going. The status of your Torrents is transmitted every 2 hours. Requires the uTorrent WebUI to be Installed.
  • Event Activity Feed: Track all events on the console, a full audit history is available via feed view.
  • Broadband Usage: Show an update of your Broadband data usage. A generic snippet is available and supported ISP’s for a nicer view. Please request your ISP by emailing support.
  • Third party Tools and Plugins: Add any custom or third party tool or plugins to your console via a Widget. Widgets can be added as either as a custom HTML snippet or an iframe link, so you can easily extend your dashboard.

More information: here

Thanks to David, for sharing this tool with us.