Sniff-n-Spit v1.0 - intercepting communications

During Penetration testing it can be seen that thick-clients sometimes communicate with a server whose IP address is hardcoded in to it.The HTTP communication between such client and server is harder to intercept and test. Sniff-n-Snip is a very useful utility in such scenarios. It sniffs for HTTP packets from the client to server and forwards them to your favorite proxy (Burp, WebScarab, Paros etc).

User Input:

The tool expects the following user input:

  • Number of the listening interface. This number can be found using the "-l" switch.
  • Source IP, Source Port (optional), Destination IP, and Destination Port of the tcp session that is to be sniffed
  • Target IP and Target Port of the Interceptor Proxy. Typically values will be, 8080.
  • The tool can be forced to listen on promiscuous mode with the "-p" switch. This is OFF by default.


  • WinPcap should be installed on the system, the tool requires this library for sniffing packets.

Read the User Guide

More information: here

Thank you to Lavakumar Kuppan, from AnD Labs to sharing this tool with us.

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