fuu v0.1 Beta - [F]aster [U]niversal [U]npacker

FUU (Faster Universal Unpacker) is a GUI Windows Tool with a set of tools (plugins) to help you to unpack, decompress and decrypt most of the programs packed, compressed or encrypted with the very well knowns software protection programs like UPX, ASPack, FSG, ACProtect, etc.

The GUI was designed using RadASM and MASM. Every plugin included in the official release was written in ASM using MASM.

The core of every plugin use TitanEngine SDK from ReversingLabs under the hood, this help to the developer to write plugins very easy and very fast without the need to worry about some repetitive and boring functions like dump, fix the iat, add sections, etc. You can develop a plugin for FUU in a very easy way using TitanEngine.

Generic OEP Finder, Cryto Signature Detector and Generic Unpacker are from PEiD’s team.

Version 0.1 Beta


  • UPX Unpacker for UPX v1.x - 3.x (DLL and EXE - x86)
  • BeRoExEPacker Unpacker (EXE - x86)
  • FSG Unpacker for v1.x - 2.x (EXE - x86)
  • ASPack Unpacker for ASPack 2.x (EXE - x86)


  • Generic OEP Finder (GenOEP.dll)
  • Crytp Signatures Detector (kanal.dll)
  • Generic Unpacker

More information: here

Post scriptum

Compliance Mandates

  • Code Auditing :

    PCI/DSS 6.3.6, 6.3.7, 6.6, SOX A12.8, GLBA 16CFR Part 314.4(b) and (2);FISMA RA-5, SC-18, SA-11 SI-2, and ISO 27001/27002 (12.4.1, 12.4.3, 12.5)

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