Netsparker author released Freakin’ Simple Fuzzer v0.7.3.5

FSF is a plug-in based freakin’ simple fuzzer for fuzzing web applications and scraping data. It supports some basic stuff and missing some features however it has got some advanced RegEx capturing features for scraping data out of web applications.

Why bring yet another fuzzer into this cruel world?

Yeah, I know there are so many of them hanging around. Basically I was trying to fuzz something and after spending about 2-3 hours about 3-4 different terribly designed fuzzers I thought knocking up mine would be better.

No offence to other fuzzers and by no means I claim that this fuzzer design is user-friendly or so much better than others. It’s more like I designed it so I know my own shit sort of usable.

Don’t use if you....

  • want a fuzzer where you can control the raw HTTP request
  • need some crazy features such as fuzzing multiple locations at a time (actually latest version support fuzzing 2 points simultaneously, still that’s the limit)

Use if you need a fuzzer...

  • that allows to take advantage of RegEx with the full power for scraping data (this is quite useful while exploiting SQL Injections, gathering data, looking for some hidden resource or trying to enumerate all valid "user id"s)
  • simple to run and simple
  • which makes it easy to write your own fuzzing modules
  • with simple and compact .NET code

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