Peach Fuzzer Framework v2.3.4 released

Peach is a cross-platform fuzzing framework. Its main goals include short development time, code reuse, ease of use, and flexibility. It can fuzz just about anything, including COM/ActiveX, SQL, shared libraries and DLLs, network applications, and the Web.

Peach is a SmartFuzzer that is capable of performing both generation and mutation based fuzzing.

Peach requires the creation of PeachPit files that define the structure, type information, and relationships in the data to be fuzzed. It additionally allows for the configuration of a fuzzing run including selecting a data transport (Publisher), logging interface, etc.

Peach has been under active development for five years and is in its second major version. Peach was created and is actively developed by Michael Eddington of Leviathan Security Group, Inc.

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Peach Validator now runs Analyzers. Flags were changed to use a bit buffer class. Debugger now listens for the ExitProcess event. The random mutation weighting system was improved.... Paired token support in StringTokenizer was improved

  • New: Pech Validator now runs Analyzers
  • Changed: Moved Flags to use a bit buffer class
  • Changed: Listening for ExitProcess event in Debugger
  • Changed: Improved random mutation weighting system
  • Changed: Improved paired token support in StringTokenizer

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