GeoIPgen v0.4 – Country-to-IPs generator

GeoIPgen is a country-to-IPs generator. It’s a geographic IP generator for IPv4 networks that uses the MaxMind GeoLite Country database. Geoipgen is the first published use of a geographic ip database in reverse to translate from country-to-IPs instead of the usual use of IP-to-country.

Version 0.4 (07/03/2010)

  • Faster and smaller memory usage. It now uses the fast-random algorithm by default instead of the bit-field method
  • Re-wrote README file
  • Simplified usage instructions

Video: Geo Targeting Cyber Attacks using IP Addresses (Vivek Ramachandran).

More information: here

Thank you to Andrew "urbanadventurer" Horton, from for sharing this tool with us.