Alert History and ExploitDB update

Our Team is continuously working to improve our database quality and the way we display the information. For that, we have updated "Alert History" to let you access more information and rewrite our ExploitDB integration to be able to store what Exploit(s) have been added to, or removed from an Alert.

This new way to display History is available now to Free and Business account.

For exemple, Free and Business will now be able to see what have change, Enterprise will see what have change and how it has change.

We also have updated our ExploitDB integration to be able to manage all exploits and be able to tell when some exploits are added to a vulnerability, or deleted (rare, but append). This level of history detail (added, removed, exploit name) is only available for Enterprise account.

Hope you’ll enjoy those little changes.
Next Step, do the same with Metasploit and Saint Exploits.

The Security-Database Team