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N/A2020-04-04GLSA-202004-07Gentoo Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2020-04-02GLSA-202004-06Gentoo GnuTLS: DTLS protocol regression
N/A2020-04-01GLSA-202004-01Gentoo HAProxy: Remote execution of arbitrary code
N/A2020-04-01GLSA-202004-02Gentoo VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
7.52020-04-01GLSA-202004-03Gentoo GPL Ghostscript: Multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2020-04-01GLSA-202004-04Gentoo Qt WebEngine: Arbitrary code execution
6.82020-04-01GLSA-202004-05Gentoo ledger: Multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2020-03-30GLSA-202003-62Gentoo GNU Screen: Buffer overflow
N/A2020-03-30GLSA-202003-63Gentoo GNU IDN Library 2: Multiple vulnerabilities
6.82020-03-30GLSA-202003-64Gentoo libxls: Multiple vulnerabilities
7.52020-03-30GLSA-202003-65Gentoo FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
4.62020-03-30GLSA-202003-66Gentoo QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
8.52020-03-26GLSA-202003-57Gentoo PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
6.82020-03-26GLSA-202003-58Gentoo UnZip: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
7.12020-03-26GLSA-202003-59Gentoo libvpx: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
N/A2020-03-26GLSA-202003-60Gentoo QtCore: Multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2020-03-26GLSA-202003-61Gentoo Adobe Flash Player: Remote execution of arbitrary code
N/A2020-03-25GLSA-202003-49Gentoo BlueZ: Security bypass
N/A2020-03-25GLSA-202003-50Gentoo Tor: Multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2020-03-25GLSA-202003-51Gentoo WeeChat: Multiple vulnerabilities
Page(s) : [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ...Result(s) : 1894