Paterva’s web based data mining changed name to Maltego.

Finally the promising data mining and fingerprinting software (maybe the best pentesters data mining tool ever) recovered from an excruciating end. As people that are using our tracking auditors tools service sent us a bunch of emails asking us why Evolution suddenly went off line.

I then decided to send an email to Roelof asking him about the "behind of scenes" reasons for putting both web service and GUI off line.

Roelof gave us the answer. Apparently, it was a huge pressure from a social network’s lawyers because of an alleged trademark infringement on Novell’s Evolution.

Out of my head, I fired up a little Google search (Google is a trademark from google inc., i have to mention it. Who knows, maybe they’ll sent me hounds of hell asking for royalties) to see what these lawyers were talking about. I found this.

Funny isn’t it ?

It’s all about emails and calendaring. Miles away from Paterva’s software main subject. All in all, Roelof was forced to change name from Evolution to Maltego. End of story.

Now before you breath the air, before you drink your beer, before you write any piece of code: See if you are not in conflict with any trademark capitalist product. I will mention again my favorite Robert De Niro’s quote (Goodfellas) : What this F@@@@ world is coming to ??

Nota : I should ask all people that get in touch with Paterva’s software from, please avoid using the GUI Beta version named Evolution. Use this instead. Maltego GUI version 1.0

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