Evolution Data mining utility new updates

Evolution is a new really good software for footprinting and data mining released by Roelof Temmingh, ex-SensePost founder (sensepost released some beautiful tools as well as bidiblah, suru and wikto) and now Paterva.com.

Here are the evolution’s changes sent by Roelof.

  • Evolution now also speaks to Spock. You can search on a person and
    perhaps more interesting - you can search on a tag (as a phrase in
    Evolution). Also supports email address search. Related persons (e.g.
    support of GetFriends) have not been implemented yet (but will be as
    soon as someone asks nicely).
  • Bebo. Lots of people have been asking for it, so I put in on.
    Searching on person and email address. Supports getting contacts/
    friends (when set to allow on the profile) via the GetFriends
  • ZoomInfo now lists detailed results as seperate entities which
    means you don’t need to click all the way there.
  • LinkedIn transform lists detailed seperate entities and supports
    the GetFriends transform. The problem with the web interface is that
    is runs on credentials linked to a bot that is not linked to anyone,
    and as you probably know, you can only get the contacts of your
    contacts (e.g. second order) but not any further. So..that’s a bummer.
    However - in the GUI version (as soon as I release beta2) you will be
    able to fill in your own credentials in the configuration file.

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