Evolution Data mining web utility updated

Evolution is a new really good software for footprinting and data mining released by Roelof Temmingh, ex-SensePost founder (sensepost released some beautiful tools as well as bidiblah, suru and wikto) and now Paterva.com.

Here are the evolution’s changes sent by Roelof.

  • Transform on affiliations Facebook / Orkut / Flickr now has
    "GetFriends"...it’s so much fun! I’ll include it in the new GUI update, where it should be even more fun to see how someone’s network
    of friends looks like graphically (across multiple social networks).
  • US reverse telephone numbers. It’s not that complete (as I get it
    from two free providers), it does not cover all businesses and its US
    only, but its fairly useful when you’re in a tight spot.
  • Person entities are checked against Interpol’s wanted list..;) Other
    suspect/wanted lists to follow. It’s one ’social network’ which you
    don’t want to join.
  • Added netblock to DNS name transform - yummy for footprinting - but
    beware - it takes a while.
  • Added another provider for infrastructure (IP2domain etc) for even
    better (and consolidated) results

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