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Vendor Cloudfoundry First view 2017-01-13
Product Capi-Release Last view 2021-04-08
Version 1.7.0 Type Application
Update *  
Edition *  
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Sofware Edition *  
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CPE Product cpe:2.3:a:cloudfoundry:capi-release

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  Date Alert Description
6.5 2021-04-08 CVE-2021-22115

Cloud Controller API versions prior to 1.106.0 logs service broker credentials if the default value of db logging config field is changed. CAPI database logs service broker password in plain text whenever a job to clean up orphaned items is run by Cloud Controller.

7.5 2020-12-02 CVE-2020-5423

CAPI (Cloud Controller) versions prior to 1.101.0 are vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack in which an unauthenticated malicious attacker can send specially-crafted YAML files to certain endpoints, causing the YAML parser to consume excessive CPU and RAM.

4.3 2020-09-03 CVE-2020-5418

Cloud Foundry CAPI (Cloud Controller) versions prior to 1.98.0 allow authenticated users having only the "" scope, but no roles in any spaces, to list all droplets in all spaces (whereas they should see none).

7.5 2019-04-17 CVE-2019-3798

Cloud Foundry Cloud Controller API Release, versions prior to 1.79.0, contains improper authentication when validating user permissions. A remote authenticated malicious user with the ability to create UAA clients and knowledge of the email of a victim in the foundation may escalate their privileges to that of the victim by creating a client with a name equal to the guid of their victim.

6.5 2017-11-28 CVE-2017-14389

An issue was discovered in Cloud Foundry Foundation capi-release (all versions prior to 1.45.0), cf-release (all versions prior to v280), and cf-deployment (all versions prior to v1.0.0). The Cloud Controller does not prevent space developers from creating subdomains to an already existing route that belongs to a different user in a different org and space, aka an "Application Subdomain Takeover."

7.5 2017-08-21 CVE-2017-8037

In Cloud Foundry Foundation CAPI-release versions after v1.6.0 and prior to v1.38.0 and cf-release versions after v244 and prior to v270, there is an incomplete fix for CVE-2017-8035. If you took steps to remediate CVE-2017-8035 you should also upgrade to fix this CVE. A carefully crafted CAPI request from a Space Developer can allow them to gain access to files on the Cloud Controller VM for that installation, aka an Information Leak / Disclosure.

6.6 2017-07-17 CVE-2017-8034

The Cloud Controller and Router in Cloud Foundry (CAPI-release capi versions prior to v1.32.0, Routing-release versions prior to v0.159.0, CF-release versions prior to v267) do not validate the issuer on JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) from UAA. With certain multi-zone UAA configurations, zone administrators are able to escalate their privileges.

7.5 2017-01-13 CVE-2016-9882

An issue was discovered in Cloud Foundry Foundation cf-release versions prior to v250 and CAPI-release versions prior to v1.12.0. Cloud Foundry logs the credentials returned from service brokers in Cloud Controller system component logs. These logs are written to disk and often sent to a log aggregator via syslog.

CWE : Common Weakness Enumeration

16% (1) CWE-565 Reliance on Cookies without Validation and Integrity Checking
16% (1) CWE-532 Information Leak Through Log Files
16% (1) CWE-522 Insufficiently Protected Credentials
16% (1) CWE-400 Uncontrolled Resource Consumption ('Resource Exhaustion')
16% (1) CWE-287 Improper Authentication
16% (1) CWE-200 Information Exposure