Definition Id: oval:org.mitre.oval:def:22769
Oval ID: oval:org.mitre.oval:def:22769
Title: ELSA-2009:0267: sudo security update (Moderate)
Description: parse.c in sudo 1.6.9p17 through 1.6.9p19 does not properly interpret a system group (aka %group) in the sudoers file during authorization decisions for a user who belongs to that group, which allows local users to leverage an applicable sudoers file and gain root privileges via a sudo command.
Family: unix Class: patch
Reference(s): ELSA-2009:0267-01
Version: 6
Platform(s): Oracle Linux 5
Product(s): sudo
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Definition Id: oval:org.mitre.oval:def:15459
Oval ID: oval:org.mitre.oval:def:15459
Title: Oracle Linux 5.x
Description: The operating system installed on the system is Oracle Linux 5.x
Family: unix Class: inventory
Reference(s): cpe:/o:oracle:linux:5
Version: 7
Platform(s): Oracle Linux 5
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