OVAL 5.10.1 Repository : Term of Use

All data on this page is written and maintained by OVAL. Security Database only provide a fully repository. For more informations, you should read the Term of use.

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Downloads for this namespace are split by class. Below is a list of classes in this namespace. Each class has its own download page.

Class : Inventorypatchvulnerabilitycompliance

OVAL Repository : Bulk Data File

All definitions in this namespace are available below in a single download file as either a zip or raw xml.

oval_2012-10-01.xml280cb1ed48293bc342a5f984854263c62012-10-0188.208 MB
oval.xml.zip386f2810328c7a09deac774151332f112013-08-037.853 MB
oval.xmla04ec9777dafc61ed5bd0db27458ddb32013-08-03100.625 MB