Use of Incorrect Operator
Weakness ID: 480 (Weakness Base)Status: Draft
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The programmer accidentally uses the wrong operator, which changes the application logic in security-relevant ways.
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  • Implementation
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C: (Sometimes)

C++: (Sometimes)

Perl: (Sometimes)


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+ Demonstrative Examples

Example 1

Example Language:
char foo;
+ Potential Mitigations

Pre-design through Build: Most static analysis programs should be able to catch these errors.

Phase: Implementation

Save an index variable. This is the recommended solution. Rather than subtract pointers from one another, use an index variable of the same size as the pointers in question. Use this variable to "walk" from one pointer to the other and calculate the difference. Always sanity check this number.

+ Other Notes

These types of bugs generally are the result of a typo. Although most of them can easily be found when testing of the program, it is important that one correct these problems, since they almost certainly will break the code.

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ChildOfCategoryCategory569Expression Issues
Development Concepts (primary)699
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CLASPUsing the wrong operator
CERT C Secure CodingMSC02-CAvoid errors of omission
CERT C Secure CodingMSC03-CAvoid errors of addition
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