Deletion of Data Structure Sentinel
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The accidental deletion of a data-structure sentinel can cause serious programming logic problems.

Extended Description

Often times data-structure sentinels are used to mark structure of the data structure. A common example of this is the null character at the end of strings. Another common example is linked lists which may contain a sentinel to mark the end of the list. It is dangerous to allow this type of control data to be easily accessible. Therefore, it is important to protect from the deletion or modification outside of some wrapper interface which provides safety.

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+ Common Consequences

Generally this error will cause the data structure to not work properly.


If a control character, such as NULL is removed, one may cause resource access control problems.

+ Demonstrative Examples

Example 1

Example Languages: C and C++ 
char *foo;
int counter;
for (counter=0;counter!=14;counter++) {

+ Potential Mitigations

Phase: Requirements

Use a language or compiler that performs automatic bounds checking.

Phase: Architecture and Design

Use an abstraction library to abstract away risky APIs. Not a complete solution.

Phase: Build and Compilation

Compiler-based canary mechanisms such as StackGuard, ProPolice and the Microsoft Visual Studio /GS flag. Unless this provides automatic bounds checking, it is not a complete solution.

Phase: Operation

Use OS-level preventative functionality. Not a complete solution.

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