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Vendor Novell First view 2007-01-23
Product Suse Linux Last view 2011-04-18
Version 10 Type Os
Update sp4  
Edition *  
Language *  
Sofware Edition *  
Target Software *  
Target Hardware *  
Other *  
CPE Product cpe:2.3:o:novell:suse_linux

Activity : Overall

Related : CVE

  Date Alert Description
4.4 2011-04-18 CVE-2011-0988

pure-ftpd 1.0.22, as used in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3 and SP4, and Enterprise Desktop 10 SP3 and SP4, when running OES Netware extensions, creates a world-writeable directory, which allows local users to overwrite arbitrary files and gain privileges via unspecified vectors.

10 2007-01-23 CVE-2007-0460

Multiple buffer overflows in ulogd for SUSE Linux 9.3 up to 10.1, and possibly other distributions, have unknown impact and attack vectors related to "improper string length calculations."

CWE : Common Weakness Enumeration

50% (1) CWE-264 Permissions, Privileges, and Access Controls
50% (1) CWE-119 Failure to Constrain Operations within the Bounds of a Memory Buffer

Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB)

id Description
74998 pure-ftpd for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server OES pure-ftpd Netware Extensions W...
32939 ulogd Multiple Unspecified Overflows

OpenVAS Exploits

id Description
2008-09-24 Name : Gentoo Security Advisory GLSA 200703-17 (ulogd)
File : nvt/glsa_200703_17.nasl

Nessus® Vulnerability Scanner

id Description
2011-12-13 Name: The remote SuSE 10 host is missing a security-related patch.
File: suse_pure-ftpd-7426.nasl - Type: ACT_GATHER_INFO
2011-04-07 Name: The remote SuSE 10 host is missing a security-related patch.
File: suse_pure-ftpd-7428.nasl - Type: ACT_GATHER_INFO
2007-03-19 Name: The remote Gentoo host is missing one or more security-related patches.
File: gentoo_GLSA-200703-17.nasl - Type: ACT_GATHER_INFO