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Vendor Hitachi First view 2012-10-25
Product Serverconductor/Deploymentmanager Last view 2012-10-25
Version 01-00 Type Application
Update -  
Edition -  
Language ja  
Sofware Edition *  
Target Software *  
Target Hardware *  
Other *  
CPE Product cpe:2.3:a:hitachi:serverconductor/deploymentmanager

Activity : Overall

Related : CVE

  Date Alert Description
5 2012-10-25 CVE-2011-5217

Directory traversal vulnerability in the PXE Mtftp service in Hitachi JP1/ServerConductor/DeploymentManager before 08-55 Japanese and before 08-51 English allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via unknown vectors.

CWE : Common Weakness Enumeration

100% (1) CWE-22 Improper Limitation of a Pathname to a Restricted Directory ('Path ...