[New added] SIPVicious v.0.2 released

SIPVicious is a set of utilities for auditing SIP devices. It comes with 4 tools :

  • svmap: an active scanner to identify SIP devices on the network
  • svwar: scans SIP PBX servers for existing extensions
  • svcrack: an online password cracker against SIP PBX servers
  • svreport: manages sessions by the other tools + exports to pdf, xml (html), csv and plain text

New features include:

  • Session support which allows you to resume previous scans as well as store the results in database format
  • Exporting of previous results to various formats: pdf, xml (html), csv and plain text
  • Easy updating by making use of subversion (svn update)
  • Better UI, more intuitive help, clean output and more debug info when needed
  • And my favorite feature: random scanning techniques

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