ModemScan V5.3 for auditing Modems and Faxes.

ModemScan is a GUI Microsoft Windows software program which facilitates the auditing and discovery of modems and FAX machines. This type of software is commonly referred to as a wardialer or war dialer. Wardialing (also known as telephone scanning or war dialing) is the practice of dialing all the phone numbers in a range in order to find those that will answer with modem or FAX tones.

Key Benefits

  • ModemScan works with hardware you already own and does not require the additional purchase of specific nor specialized hardware.
  • Randomly selects and dials phone numbers from the dial ranges list to prevent line termination from phone companies which detect sequential dialing.
  • Run multiple ModemScan copies with more than one phone line and modem on the same computer.
  • Import comma delimited text files containing phone numbers or ranges.
  • Flexible phone number dialing.
  • Utilizes Microsoft’s Telephony settings for easy modem and location setup.
  • Produces reports which may be printed or exported.
  • Enables easy scheduling of automated dialing over multiple days in "off-business" hours.
  • Saves dialing results using Microsoft’s Access database. This ensures database integrity and reliability, while allowing for complex querying and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Watch remote modem’s responses from built in terminal emulation window.
  • Logging of all session events.

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