Hyenae 0.26-1 released

Hyenae is a highly flexible and platform independent network
packet generator. It allows you to reproduce low level ethernet attack
scenarios (such as MITM, DoS and DDoS) to reveal the potential security
vulnerabilities of your network. Besides smart wildcard-based address
randomization and a highly customizable packet generation control, Hyenae comes with a clusterable remote daemon for setting up distributed attack networks

Current Features

  • Platform independence
  • Customizable ARP-Reply based attacks
  • Customizable ICMP-Echo based attacks (IPv4)
  • Customizable TCP based attacks (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Customizable UDP based attacks (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Random or fixed packet count and or attack duration
  • Random or fixed send delay for breaking flood detections
  • Pattern based packet address configuration
  • Intelligent address and address protocol detection
  • Smart wildcard-based randomization
  • Daemon for setting up remote attack networks

Tool submitted by Hyenae (the tool’s author himself)

Post scriptum

Compliance Mandates

  • Vulnerability Scanner :

    PCI DSS 11.2, 6.6, SOX A13.3, GLBA 16CFR Part 314.4(c), HIPAA 164.308(a)(8), FISMA RA-5, SI-2, ISO 27001-27002 12.6, 15.2.2


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