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4.9 2007-10-10 SUN-103096 Sun Sun Alert 103096 Security Vulnerability in the Solaris Auditing (BSM) Related to Network Auditing May Lead to Denial of Service (DoS)
4.9 2007-10-09 SUN-103088 Sun Sun Alert 103088 Security Vulnerability in the Solaris 10 Virtual File System (VFS) may Lead to a Denial of Service (DoS) Condition
4.9 2007-10-09 SUN-103109 Sun Sun Alert 103109 Security Vulnerabilities in the Solaris Trusted Extensions "labeld" Service May Lead to a Denial of Service (DoS) Condition
3.5 2007-10-08 SUN-103065 Sun Sun Alert 103065 Security Vulnerability in the vuidmice(7M) STREAMS Modules May Lead to a Denial of Service (DoS) Condition
4 2007-10-03 SUN-103079 Sun Sun Alert 103079 Security Vulnerability in Java Runtime Environment With Applet Caching May Allow Network Access Restrictions to be Circumvented
7.1 2007-10-03 SUN-103073 Sun Sun Alert 103073 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in Java Web Start Relating to Local File Access
4 2007-10-03 SUN-103072 Sun Sun Alert 103072 An Untrusted Java Web Start Application or Java Applet May Move or Copy Arbitrary Files by Requesting the User to Drag and Drop a ...
5 2007-10-03 SUN-103071 Sun Sun Alert 103071 Java Runtime Environment (JRE) May Allow Untrusted Applets or Applications to Display An Oversized Window so that the Warning Bann...
2.6 2007-10-03 SUN-103078 Sun Sun Alert 103078 Security Vulnerabilities in Java Runtime Environment May Allow Network Access Restrictions to be Circumvented
4.9 2007-10-02 SUN-103061 Sun Sun Alert 103061 Security Vulnerability in Solaris Named Pipes (pipe(2)) May Allow Unauthorized Data Access
10 2007-09-28 SUN-102964 Sun Sun Alert 102964 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in samba(7) May Allow Remote Code Execution, Elevation of Privileges, Remote Shell Command Execu...
5 2007-09-28 SUN-102942 Sun Sun Alert 102942 Sun Fire X2100 M2/X2200 M2 ELOM is Vulnerable to Unauthorized Use as a Proxy For Sending Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (Spam)
7.5 2007-09-27 SUN-103069 Sun Sun Alert 103069 Installation of Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 on Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 or 8.x May Compromise Application Ser...
4.9 2007-09-26 SUN-103084 Sun Sun Alert 103084 A Security Vulnerability in the Handling of Thread Contexts in the Solaris Kernel May Allow a Denial of Service (DoS)
4.7 2007-09-25 SUN-102883 Sun Sun Alert 102883 Security Vulnerability in the Human Interface Device (HID) Class Driver for Solaris
9.3 2007-09-24 SUN-102994 Sun Sun Alert 102994 Manipulated TIFF Files or Documents Containing Manipulated TIFF Files May Lead to Heap Overflows and Arbitrary Code Execution
4.3 2007-09-18 SUN-103063 Sun Sun Alert 103063 Security Vulnerability in BIND 8 May Allow Cache Poisoning Attack
10 2007-09-05 SUN-103060 Sun Sun Alert 103060 Security Vulnerability in RPCSEC_GSS (rpcsec_gss(3NSL)) Affects Kerberos Administration Daemon (kadmind(1M))
4.9 2007-08-31 SUN-103009 Sun Sun Alert 103009 A Security Vulnerability With the Special File System (SPECFS) strfreectty() Function May Allow a Local Unprivileged User to Panic...
6.8 2007-08-31 SUN-102874 Sun Sun Alert 102874 A Security Vulnerability in Sun Cluster Software may Lead to Data Corruption and "send_mondo" Panics
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