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7.52014-12-19VU#852879VU-CERT NTP Project Network Time Protocol daemon (ntpd) contains multiple vulnerabilities (Updated)
52014-12-18VU#843044VU-CERT Multiple Dell iDRAC IPMI v1.5 implementations use insufficiently random session ID values
92014-12-15VU#315340VU-CERT EMC Documentum products contain multiple vulnerabilities
6.82014-12-15VU#343060VU-CERT CA LISA Release Automation contains multiple vulnerabilities
7.52014-12-12VU#659684VU-CERT Honeywell OPOS suite Stack Buffer Overflow vulnerability
7.82014-12-09VU#264212VU-CERT Recursive DNS resolver implementations may follow referrals infinitely
9.32014-12-05VU#449452VU-CERT Zenoss Core contains multiple vulnerabilities
92014-11-18VU#213119VU-CERT Microsoft Windows Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) fails to properly validate Privilege Attribute Certificate (PAC) signature
102014-11-13VU#505120VU-CERT Microsoft Secure Channel (Schannel) vulnerable to remote code execution via specially crafted packets
9.32014-11-13VU#158647VU-CERT Microsoft Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) OleAut32 library SafeArrayRedim function vulnerable to remote code execution via Internet Exp...
52014-11-07VU#432608VU-CERT IBM Notes Traveler for Android transmits user credentials over HTTP
4.32014-11-03VU#210620VU-CERT uIP and lwIP DNS resolver vulnerable to cache poisoning
7.52014-10-31VU#447516VU-CERT Linksys SMART WiFi firmware contains multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2014-10-29VU#973460VU-CERT drchrono Electronic Health Record (EHR) web applications vulnerable to cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery
9.32014-10-28VU#685996VU-CERT GNU Wget creates arbitrary symbolic links during recursive FTP download
N/A2014-10-23VU#184540VU-CERT Incorrect implementation of NAT-PMP in multiple devices
102014-10-17VU#298796VU-CERT Centreon contains multiple vulnerabilities
4.32014-10-17VU#577193VU-CERT POODLE vulnerability in SSL 3.0
62014-10-08VU#573356VU-CERT IBM WebSphere Application Server contains multiple vulnerabilities
7.52014-10-07VU#121036VU-CERT BMC Track-It! contains multiple vulnerabilities
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